Star Wars: More First Order Backstory In The Rise Of Skywalker, Actor Richard E. Grant Praises Finished Movie

Posted 2019/12/0420

One of the aspects of the Star Wars sequel trilogy I have struggled with, is where did the First Order come from? The Force Awakens felt like the Empire had just come back out of the blue, and then in one blast from the Starkiller Base, they reset the status quo to the same as things were in the original trilogy, just because it provided a similar basis for this story to the last one.

I still maintain that’s why this was done and I also think Abrams should have explained this a little more in The Force Awakens, or if he didn’t then Rian Johnson should have in The Last Jedi, however, since neither did, we are left with books and other mediums of story to fill in the blanks, and I’m not a fan of that for something this large. It has previously been likened to the Nazi’s attempting to start again in Argentina after WWII, however, the Nazis were a busted flush that didn’t go anywhere, the First Order actually managed to come back from the brink and be the dominant force in the Galaxy again here.

Writer Chris Terrio recently spoke about this in an interview with Uproxx, and here is what he said,

“Well, already it’s established in the Expanded Universe and the novels, there are some things we know canonically about the First Order. Even in Episode 7, there was that idea of Nazis in Argentina…So we will definitely get some more. I think you’ll find there are more answers in this movie about how all that came to be. Because they are an extremely formidable military power that sprung up relatively quickly. So that’s a thing that really interests me as a fan. Because I saw The Force Awakens just as a fan and I wondered all those things. So, I came to this with questions. I wanted to know these things. In some cases there were answers and in some cases there weren’t and we got to craft answers.”

That’s two interesting things Chris Terrio has said in the same interview for me and again I feel like there is perhaps some hope here that they aren’t going to leave all these things open to be explored in books, comics, and cartoons. Of course, you can say what you want, it doesn’t mean this will all translate properly on film and feel like we finally have an ending which puts some questions to bed. However, one person is very happy with the finished movie, and that’s actor Richard E. Grant who makes his Star Wars debut in The Rise of Skywalker. They recently had a screening for the cast and here is Grant’s social media response.

All very positive, but then would we expect anything else from the cast of the movie? I do hope the majority of fans agree with Grant when the movie hits theaters in 15 days’ time, I really do. However, I have an inkling based on things I am seeing that there are some fans who already hate this movie before it’s ever been seen, and I am not sure I understand that way of thinking. This is also coming from someone who really didn’t like The Last Jedi, but I still hope the next movie is going to be good for me personally. Find out what team LRM thought of the movie in a special The Last Call Podcast on December 20th.

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SOURCE: Uproxx, Richard E. Grant (via Twitter)