New Watchmen Photo Adds Layers to That Doctor Manhattan Twist

Posted 2019/12/0330

*Some Manhattan-sized spoilers for Watchmen episode 7 to follow below*

HBO’s twist-filled Watchmen series dropped its biggest bombshell so far in episode 7, “An Almost Religious Awe”, when it revealed that Cal Abar (Yahya Abdul-Mateen II) has been atomic blue superhero Doctor Manhattan in disguise this entire time. We’ll have to wait until next week’s penultimate pun-filled episode “A God Walks Into Abar” for a few more answers, but Abdul-Mateen II—in between laughing in our fool faces—shared an intriguing screenshot from the Peteypedia about the earliest days of “Cal Abar”.

The actor shared a screenshot of a hospital report from December 23, 2009, concerning the night “Calvin Jelani” was brought into Vietnam’s Rampart Memorial by Patrol Officer Angela Abar (Regina King). The report, obviously, works as a rough description of the night Doctor Manhattan officially became Cal. Here’s a snippet of text:

“Patient was found by Officer Abar on 12/19 wandering Bom Laird Plaza in “confused” state with “minor contusion” on forehead (no longer visible) suggesting an accident of some nature. (Area has high rate of vehicular/bicylce collisions.) Patient initially refused officer Abar’s request to seek medical treatment. Officer Abar reports she conducted a background check and obtained some medical history and biographical data from previous employer, Pyramid Global Construction. Patient finally agreed to consult a physician when memory issues failed to improve. Patient – new to Vietnam (arrived a month ago for work); unemployed since April – presents with several acute symptoms associated with dissociative fugue. No recall. Identity loss. Language issues. (Officer Avar did most of talking).

The report ends, cheekily enough, by noting Cal “took great interest in Doctor Manhattan bobblehead.”

Check out the full photo below. For more on Watchmen, here’s our in-depth dive into episode 7 along with what showrunner Damon Lindelof said about the big twist.