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Posted 2019/12/0470

Science fiction films have been a defining part of the Hollywood industry for some time. Every decade has produced its own share of excellent and laughable sci-fi adventures that sought to take viewers into distant galaxies or far off times.

While there are absolutely some classic films on this list, many of them have aged poorly. Some of this is due to the quality of the film, while other parts are down to the use of CGI or practical effects. Here are 10 sci-fi movies that certainly haven’t stood the test of time for one reason or another.

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10 Robocop

Robocop is the type of film that many fans remember fondly from their childhood. Back when it was released, it was a mega-hit and perhaps one of the best of its genre. Indeed, it’s legacy has continued with a modern sequel having been made and in the works.

But this half-robot, half-man hybrid definitely hasn’t aged as well as people think. While the 2014 reboot was never great to start with, when looking back on the original film that started on this, it’s hard to argue that it doesn’t look cheesy or a little bit over the top.

9 Total Recall

The same can be said for Total Recall. Once again, the legacy of the film may actually affect the memory of watching this action flick for the first time. While it did feature Arnie during his prime, it also featured some dodgy-looking effects and questionable plot points.

The reboot once again sought to ruin any good favor and has since been completely forgotten about. It’s surprising there haven’t been many reports of another reboot. However, the original film might be best as a concept in the mind rather than a movie on the screen.

8 Blade Runner

The first Blade Runner, much like its sequel, is an absolute masterpiece. It looks fantastic, it carries very poignant themes, and the tone and mood of the whole film is amazing. The overall idea of the movie has therefore not aged horribly at all.

The one thing that has aged poorly is what the film thought the future would look like. The film was actually set in 2019. While there are many ideas in there that aren’t too far from the truth, the overall world that was built isn’t quite what planet Earth looks like today.

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7 Flash Gordon

We know that Flash Gordon is a classic of the childhood of many readers. It has a pretty great theme song and has gone on to define many other space opera and science fiction films since it’s release, most recently including Taika Waititi’s Thor Ragnarok and the ever-popular Star Wars franchise—the original serials, at least.

However, despite this praise, when you go back to watch the film, it’s clear that it was made in the 80s thanks to the hair cuts and costumes and laughable practical effects. The film still carries the same spirit and you can have a great time watching it, but it no longer looks spectacular.

6 Cowboys and Aliens

Jon Favreau has had very few missteps. In fact, he’s one of the people responsible for launching the Marvel Cinematic Universe and has since gone on to add a lot of nuance to the science fiction world through his work on The Mandalorian for Disney Plus.

However, his work on Cowboys and Aliens has only continued to seem worse as time has gone on. The initial release left a lot to be desired, but it has been almost completely forgotten about. Compared to his other work, it’s amazing Favreau was even involved in the project.

5 The Matrix

This is absolutely controversial to say, but the Matrix has not aged as well as everyone would hope. Many years since it’s release, it’s still suggested that the plot was stolen from various works from the world of Manga.

The film, at the time of its release, was groundbreaking in its use of special effects. There are still moments in the film that look spectacular and are part of cinematic history, but, compared to modern effects, the film’s CGI models look rubbery and outrageously fake.

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4 Planet of the Apes

The newest versions of the Apes franchise has completely reinvented what these stories can be. The amazing use of motion-capture performances, the fantastic cast, and gripping narrative has meant that a new generation has fallen in love with those primates.

The original version of Planet of the Apes, from 1968, has aged terribly. In fact, compared to even the newer versions, the Tim Burton remakes certainly don’t look as great as they do. It all comes down to the ape prosthetics that look anything but real now.

3 Westworld

The newest season of Westworld is almost upon us and it showcases exactly what this world could become. The potential for this concept was unlimited, and we’ve seen just how far it can be pushed in seasons 1 and 2 of the hit HBO show.

However, the original Westworld film doesn’t live up to the same expectations. What could have been a moving film about the relationship between these robots and humans is more of a sci-fi western that quickly devolves into cheesy 70s action.

2 Forbidden Planet

Forbidden Planet is in the very DNA of so many science fiction films. The 1950s science fiction adventure movie saw a crew of astronauts investigate a deserted colony planet. It’s as sci-fi as you can get and has been replicated many times since.

However, that original film has not aged well. The visuals for the film are not what they could be due to the era it was created in. As it was groundbreaking, it holds a special place in history, but the concept has been done so much better since its release.

1 I Robot

Gadgets, space ships, futuristic landscapes, and robots all define the science fiction genre. I Robot, the Will Smith blockbuster, encompasses many of those elements in a film that always promised to be a look at an AI turning against its human creators.

However, on its release, critics were not too kind about the film, and it’s even clearer why that is now. Apart from the dreadful CGI and product placements, the concept for the film could have produced something far better, as it has since in films like Ex Machina. 

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